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Who we are

Hi! I'm Alex, founder of this wonderful little business. At Animals In Charge we have a passion for the old world, and each piece we design and make is inspired by simple, tried and tested techniques.

The name 'Animals in Charge' started as a family moto of ours. It reminds us to align our attitude with the way our dog Pixel looks at the world. Adventurous, excitable, thankful, and full of praise. He makes us better people.

Animals in Charge started first in our living room, then in a spare bedroom, and now we have our own workshop with a team of makers wildly crafting beautiful pieces for animals. We really hope you're delighted by our honest, thoughtful products.

Why we rescue

Over the past few years we have fostered and rehabilitated many dogs rescued from inhumane puppy farms from around the country. Giving animals the best life possible is an important part of our values, and contributing financially is the next step in our plan.

5% of the purchase price of all our products is, and always will be donated to animal rescue and rehabilitation. Many organisations donate a portion of their profits to charity. While this is lovely, it depends on their business turning a profit. Donating a portion of the purchase price means that animals benefit before we do, and that's the way we like it.