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We Are a Responsible Pet Supplies Company


“Sustainable” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially when a company wants to sell something. When you read “This product is sustainable”, it can often be very difficult to understand exactly what that means, and sadly sometimes it doesn’t mean very much. It’s our goal to be as transparent as possible to help you understand exactly what we mean when we describe our goods.


We like to say “Earth Friendly'' because it’s less of a buzzword, and better describes what we strive to achieve. To us, it means creating products that have a reduced environmental impact when compared with similar products in the market.


To achieve this, we look at several things:

Put simply, the more times a product gets used, the lower the environmental impact per use. Think about when you use a plastic bag to carry your groceries. If you discard that plastic bag after you use it, then use a new plastic bag next time, the environmental cost is 100% of the production and disposal of that bag. If you use the bag twice instead of using a new one, you have halved the footprint. The same goes for any product.

By favoring lower impact materials, we can reduce the footprint of each product even before it reaches the end user. Examples include recycled, organic, or compostable (where it is suitable) materials. We also consider how the material is produced, and where it comes from. We make the best decisions we can based on what is available to us.

These are measurable metrics we can use to make better material choices and production processes.

It’s important to recognise that the creation of anything has an impact on the environment. Goods must first be fit for purpose, and then we can use technology, creativity, and responsibility to move the needle on sustainability. (Yes, I used the buzzword, but hopefully in context).

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